SP43-11 Variable Resistors Straight Slide Potentiometer Linear Double Potentiometers

SP43-11 Variable Resistors Straight Slide Potentiometer Linear Double Potentiometers 
Product Name: Slide Potentiometer
1.Flux builded-up prevention is taken through inserting molding around the resistorwith resin.

2.A large variety of products lined up to support various applications.

3.Metal housing.

4.Long Life Type Available.

5.Center detent option.

6.Plastic slide rod type.

Electrical Characteristics
Total Resistance 1KΩ~1MΩ
Resistance Tolerance 500Ω=1MΩ:±30
Resistance Taper A.B.C
Sliding Noise Less than 100mV
Rated Voltage Taper B: 20mm, 30mm, 45mm, 60mm:AC 200V ;Other Tapers: 20mm, 30mm, 45mm, 60mm AC 150
Insulation Resistance More than 10MΩ at DC 250V
Withstand Voltage 1 minute at AC 300V
Rated Power (Single Unit/Dual Unit) Linear Taper B: 20mm:0.1W/0.05W,
Other Tapers:
20mm:0.05W/0.025W; 30mm:0.1W/0.05W;
45mm:0.125W/0.06W; 60mm:0.1W/0.1W
Gang Error (Dual Unit or Multi-unit) -40db~Odb±3db
Mechanical characteristics
Detent torque (only center click) 30gf~120gf
Slide torque 10gf~100gf
Stopper Strength 5.0Kgf.cm Min (from the base level to a point of 2 mm)
Center Detent Force 50~200gf
Level Wobble 2(2×L)/ 20mm Max (L: Level Length both sides)
Level Push-Pull Strength 3.0Kgf Min. at 10Sec.
Sliding Life Standard life:15,000 Cycles Min.; Long life: 100,000 Cycles Min.