EC08 mini size 8mm Through Hole DIP R/A Right Angle Rotary Shaft Encoder

EC08 mini size 8mm Through Hole DIP R/A Right Angle Rotary Shaft Encoder 

8mm, Surface Mount, Rotary Shaft, Switch function, Incremental Encoder
Product Name: Rotary Shaft Encoder

1, .Flux build-up prevention is taken through inserting molding around the element with resin, it's performance is more steady.

2, Long life 30,000 cycles min, Have a good feel of operation, long service life

3, Small size and good sealing, which can meet the reflow soldering

4, The product is suitable for portable radios, small stereos, and other household appliances, the related electronic equipment, primarily as adjust the volume, adjust the temperature, frequency, function switch and so on.


Electrical Characteristics                         
Rated Power                                                  DC 5V 10mA(1mA Min.)                                                                                                                        
Fluttering(Contact)  t1,t3<3ms
Rotary Noise  t2<2ms
Phase-Difference  >0.08T
Insulation Resistance  More than 10MΩ at DC50V 1mA Withstand voltage1 minute at AC 50V 1mA
Withstand Voltage  AC 300V 1A for 1 minute
Mechanical characteristics
Total Rotational Angle  360° Continuous
Detent Torque 5~35ºC)
Number and Position of Detents  12 Detents (Angle: 30°±3°); 24 Detents (Angle: 15°±3°)
Rotational Torque
Push-Pull Strength  5.0Kgf Min for 10sec.
Operating temperature range -40ºC~+85ºC
Rotational Life  30,000 Cycles Min  
Cold test -40±3ºC for 96H , CR is 200mΩ Max; IR is 100MΩ Min
Dry heat for long term  85±3ºC for 96H,CR is 200mΩ Max; IR is 100MΩ Min
Humidity  40±2ºC, 90-95% RH for 96H, CR is 200mΩ Max;IR is 100MΩMin.
Temperature cycles -20ºC~+70ºC, 5 cycles, CR is 200mΩMax, IR is 100MΩ Min.
Soldering Condition  Dip soldering: 260 ±5°for 5Sec.Manual soldering: 350±10°3Sec. Max
Switch Characteristics
Contact Resistance                                       100 mΩ Max. at 5V DC, 1 mA.                                                                                                             
Switch Rating  DC 5V 10mA  (1 mA Min.)
Switching Travel  0.5±0.3mm
Operating Force  550±300gf
Insulation Resistance  More than 10MΩ at DC50V, 1mA
Withstand Voltage  60V AC, 1mA for 1min.
Switch Life  30,000 Cycles Min