DS-101 Right Angle DIP Type Detector Micro Switch Snap-in Detect Switch

DS-101 Right Angle DIP Type Detector Micro Switch Snap-in Detect Switch
We offers the largest selection in SMD detect switch, through-hole detector switch, panel and snap-in/chassis and screw-mount versions.The detector switches are offered in a variety of sizes and shapes, with various actuator orientations including vertical or horizontal, top or side, or right-angle or left, and come with soft actuation force. These detector switch include low profile, compact, micro- and ultra-miniature designs, with some sealed versions available.
Product Name: Detect Switch 
Rating: DC 12V 50mA
Contact Resistance: ≤100mΩ
Insulation Resistance: ≥100MΩ
Dielectric Strength: AC100V(50/60Hz) for 1 min
Operating Force: 80gf±50gf, 100gf±50gf
Lifetime: 100,000cycels or 500,000cycles
Material: NYLON/PBT/LCP/PA66/Copper
MOQ: 1000Pcs
Packing: Bag Packing or Reel&tape Packing

Automotive (sensors, indicators)
Consumer electronics (audio/visual equipment, handheld devices)
Consumer devices (appliances, household goods)
Computers (peripherals, printers, infrastructure, servers/storage, IT)
Industrial (sensors, factory automation equipment, testing equipment)
Safety/security controls (intrusion/alarm switches in network PCs, telecom equipment, cellular phone base stations, door/window alarms)
Medical devices (including portable monitoring equipment)
Telecommunications equipment (ATCA and microTCA devices)
Mobile communications equipment
Door interlocks that act as detects (computer and industrial enclosures)
Payment terminals (card detect)