5 Pins Solder Cup Big Size DIN Plug Male DIN Connector DSCT-5-07M

5 Pins Solder Cup Big Size DIN Plug Male DIN Connector DSCT-5-07M
DIN connectors are high frequency, multi-pin, electrical connectors that meet standards established by Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN), a German national organization for standardization. The ends of DIN connectors are round, notched, and protected by a metal skirt to ensure that pins line up correctly.

DIN connectors are round, with pins arranged in a circular pattern. This type of connector was used widely for PC keyboards.

DIN connectors are used widely in audio, microphone, video, telephone, data, and network applications.DIN connectors that are used with computers connect to microprocessors and plug into slots for random-access memory (RAM) cards such as SIMMs and DIMMs.

Both male and female DIN connectors are available. Male connectors plug into receptacles, jacks, and outlets. Female connectors contain sockets for pins from other devices. The number of pins or sockets in a DIN connector corresponds to the number of wires in the coaxial cable.  

Product Name: DIN Connector Serise
Rating Current: 0.5A~5A
Contact Resistance: ≤30mΩ
Insulation Resistance: ≥100MΩ
Ambient Temperature: -25°C ~ +70°C @ 95%(40°C)
Withstand Voltage: 500V AC(50Hz)1min
Operating Force: 10~50N
Lifetime: 5,000cycles Min.