Do you know what a tact switch is?

Grasp the rapid development of society and economy nowadays, all kinds of new technology products are springing up like bamboo shoots, and the application problems of this kind of products follow one after another. Generally, the products are all controlled by switches, which is also very convenient to use. There are many kinds, among them Tact Switch is one of them. As you know from the name, it can be switched on and off with just a light touch.

Tact Switch is very dexterous and can be turned on or off just by touching it with human skin. Some can even be encountered without human skin, and can be turned on and off at will when encountered with other items. For example, if you take a pen lightly, you can also switch it on and off.

Nowadays, many products use this type of switch, such as TVs in the home, refrigerators, etc., use this type of switches, and there are also intelligent products that people often use, such as DVDs, speakers, etc., you It can be tuned to its shadow all the time.